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ONERüF Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

The biggest challenge in the Independent Vacation Rental sector is finding and keeping a quality Vacation Rental cleaning services company.  All cleaning services are not equal.  The less expensive model of cleaning is a lot like buying the less expensive shoes you find at Kmart…expect them to not last and expect the quality to be poor.  We have created a standardized process for Vacation Rental Cleaning.  We require our cleaning vendors to utilize our Electronic Cleaning Checksheet to ensure everything that is important in the rental market are focused on and completed.  We coach the team and we allow you to do the same by commenting on the checksheet once its completed.  We required 25 or so pictures of the unit after each clean.  These pictures allow you (and us) to review specific items in the home without having to be there.  It also tells the team what is important to our clients.

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Our Vacation Rental Cleaning scheduling triggers automatically from the input of your reservations into our system.  Each reservation triggers cleaning appointments based on the exit dates and times.  Information is shared with the cleaner; number of guests, length of stay, owner setting pictures, owner cleaning notes, lockbox/door codes, location of supplies, and a number of other important details…all done automatically.  The cleaner is assigned automatically as well and is notified as soon as the reservation is input whether 5 days from now or 7 months.

The cleaning appointment is on the cleaners calendar in our app…they arrive, execute to the standards in the checksheet, fill out the electronic checksheet, which is then shared with you via our app.  You can review the checksheet or not…you can share your thoughts or not.  Our goal is to make managing the cleaning on your rental much easier and allow you to do so from your home, car, restaurant, park, beach, or wherever you happen to be.  Other things the checksheet does:

  • Tell you or your host what supplies are needed – we have hosting services as the next level of service
  • Tell you or your host about lost and found items
  • Tell you or your host about new damage to the house or maintenance needs
  • Ensure the exterior of the home is also checked and cleaned as needed – patios, garage, etc.
  • Ensure organization of cabinets/closets in the home

Do you have a cleaner you love but you need visibility on the home and a guide to ensure they don’t miss anything?  We can invite them into our platform and they can use the system to complete the cleaning.  We charge a small monthly fee for that service.

We provide our cleaning vendors both coaching and training on how to execute a consistent level of cleaning.  Where the cleaners are unable to perform…we replace them saving you the trouble of having to.  We typically work with various cleaners in every market or can identify the best cleaners in any market through our connections to Business Network International…a great source of quality businesses across the world.

The starting point?  We need an address and how to access so we can review the current state of the property, provide suggestions, and provide you our thoughts on the cleaning rate that should be set for your unit.  Keep in mind…we are NOT the Kmart version of cleaning…we are the Nordstrom.  You want it done right?  Consistently?

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