Concierge Services

Concierge Services

In the Independent Vacation Rental arena things are becoming more and more competitive with new owners entering the marketplace daily.  These owners are entering the market as a business opportunity vs. having a Vacation Home they can visit with family and friends and rent out periodically.  This is changing the core foundation of the Vacation Rental market.  Property owners that have owned a rental for 10, 15, 20 years are finding their units are not what guests are looking for and need to evolve their operations.

concierge services


Guests are looking for services to support their visits and want more information on the local market:  places to visit, things to do, unit specific services – personal chef, grocery delivery, special occasion touches, and others.  Historically these services were only available in units that were being managed by the top quality Property Management companies – very few offer these services today.  We are bringing concierge-style services into the Independent Vacation Rental market via our local Hosts as well as technology solutions that create a smart vacation home experience for your guests.

Imagine your guests arriving to a bottle of Champagne and 2-dozen red roses with a card welcoming the guest for their 30th Anniversary…or edible arrangements…groceries delivered…personal chef scheduled to cook and outstanding dinner in your dining room.  Your guest could get great deals with local ski rental companies, boat rentals, paddle boards, and other services.  Information on biking, hiking, boating, sun bathing, skiing, and others made available based on the guest’s personal activities.

Our goal is quite simple…to provide your property a competitive advantage over properties that you directly compete against by offering next level guest services that make your unit stand apart.

We are hiring – are you interested in becoming a well compensated Vacation Rental Host?

Concierge Services Available

  • Grocery services – stocked and ready upon arrival
  • Alcohol delivery services – stocked and ready upon arrival
  • Special Occasion services – Champagne, Flowers, Cards, Balloons, and more
  • Personal Chef services – imagine having a 5 star meal inside your rental
  • Massage Therapy services – spent the day on the slopes?  How about arriving back to a massage?
  • Private Yoga instruction – brought to your unit
  • Childcare
  • Ski, Boat, paddle, bike rentals
  • Restaurants to visit
  • Things to do
  • Other?