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Being a local small business is awesome fun!  The freedom to choose your path, the freedom to set your own goals, and the freedom to work endless hours…wait what was that?  We all know that being a business owner is fun and energizing.  The one thing we all do not like is working long hours and having the stress of knowing what we don’t know.  Besides, our loved ones are waiting patiently for us to find the time.  Now, imagine a platform that is intuitive – sends invoices automatically, updates clients automatically, communications platform for you, team and clients, scheduling, routing, and more.  Built by small local service business for small local service business.

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Business Support Services

ONERüF was founded by Six Entrepreneurs that have walked the path of startup to mature business. We’ve all worked those long days one after another thinking when will the break come! Well, the time has arrived.  ONERüF Business Services is an organization of companies that specialize in helping Local Service Companies get their life back.

Whether you need help with Financial Reporting, Bookkeeping, Accounting processes or don’t know where to go when it’s time to hire an employee, or you need personal assistance in managing all the priorities in life.  ONERüF has you covered with a slew of Business Services that will lead to you having more time to do the things you love and less time working on invoicing at 11 pm.  The best part is you aren’t working with a ONERüF employee but a privately owned company that is expert in what they do that is also independently owned.

Revenue growth

Imagine various service companies sharing client data, referring each other, and co-marketing to each other’s clients.   Through the use of our powerful platform, we are able to capture the client data, move it to a central platform and then co-market the depth of services we can provide to our clients.  Couple that with other service companies actively seeking out opportunities to cross-sell and you have a very powerful growth engine.

Given all the above the biggest problem becomes growing pains.  Too much business can be as bad as too little…you and your staff become overworked, tired, and start to make mistakes.  While a good problem to have…we certainly don’t want to disappoint clients.   This is why we have a Business Mentor at your disposal.  He/she is there to look at the strategy and get you to think long term.  How do you get out of the ‘Do’ part of owning a business to the part where you can ‘Do’ it from anywhere?  Owning a business doesn’t have to require 24/7 focus if you build it effectively.

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