Vacation Rental Management

The short term vacation rental management and privately managed rental industry is going through extraordinary expansion.    This rapid growth has created many pains related to guest and unit management.  Vendor growth hasn’t kept pace, vendor standards are low, standardized processes for maintaining your investment haven’t existed, and guests have fallen through the cracks due to a lack of innovation from Vacation Rental Management companies.

“I can always count on them to return my calls fast! They are doing great with the cleaning, and letting me know of any problems and dressing my cabin very nicely. I am just very impressed with their service.”

– Jacki S (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

Through our platform your local Host is able to efficiently manage the guest and the vendor needs of your vacation rental providing a communications platform and the types of vendors you need to provide a quality rental experience to your guests.  Simultaneously our platform communicates with guests, provides information on the market, things to do and see, and shares with them the rules of the unit.  The host also serves as your guests Concierge creating a connection with the guest that leads to less likelihood the guest will be disrespectful of the property.  The Host becomes the face and the name for your rental.

The Host and Cleaners combine to conduct departure and arrival inspections which captures how the guest treated the property and prepares the property for the next guests arrival ensuring the same quality is maintained from one guest to the next.  Issues identified are communicated and managed to completion therefore keeping the property in top condition at all times.  The Host inspects on arrival day to ensure the unit is well cleaned, well maintained, and is operationally ready for the next guest.  This ensures a quality experience for your guests.

We also implement noise monitoring tools for your rental with the goal of reducing or eliminating noise complaints from your neighbors and preventing damage to your unit that can arise from a large party occurring in your property.  Through our platform we share with your guests that we monitor the home in this manner with our ultimate goal to provide a level of protection for your property while providing your guests with an amazing vacation experience that leaves the property in great condition upon exit.

Through standardized electronic Vacation Rental Management processes the vendors execute better, run more efficiently, and ultimately provide your guests with a well maintained property.   Vacation rental owners have made it clear that trying to manage their rental is a challenge they would rather leave to the Professionals.

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ONERüF Vacation Hosting Services – for Vendors

Are you looking for a way to grow your local business that is more efficient?  Tired of being up late putting together schedules, invoices, answering phone calls/email?  Imagine; more revenue, less time devoted to operations, and more time devoted to execution and family.  ONERüF Vacation Hosting Services provides our vendors with easy solutions for scheduling, communications with team/clients, billing/invoicing, and increased revenue with decreased time on your part.  AND if you have Vacation Rental Owners that you work with…invite them in and receive a referral bonus when the client signs up.  More money, less time = better

Our Board of Directors has a combined 75+ years experience owning and managing businesses. Their experience and ability to see through the forest allows them to easily identify areas of opportunity within your business, help you analyze and respond to these opportunities more swiftly.  Springboard, powered by ONERüF isn’t just one mentor with a limited array of experiences but rather a team of Business Professionals that analyze all aspects equally well which leads to the best possible solutions for your business.

Are you interested in becoming a Vacation Rental Host, Cleaning Vendor, Maintenance Vendor, or other?  Have what it takes to provide world class Guest Experiences?

Or are you a local trades owner interested in learning more and joining our growing ranks?

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